There’s each day’s life, yet what surrounds it is a void. A void in which millions of us are today alone. And such solitude can transform death into a companion.
— JOHN BERGER ‘A Meeting Place’

Present is a continuous moment between the past and the future. There’s only an abstract sense of being – an eternal journey through the void of time. It is uncertain and chaotic in the dark unknown, but somehow there’s this constant sense of repetitiveness.

Humanity is suffering a chronic forgetfulness. Following its own steps, each man starts at the beginning of an end and finish at the end of each new beginning. In order to contribute and pass on further the sacred collective knowledge.

We want to feel safe living amongst the things we know whilst doing the same things we enjoy – carrying our comfortable burden. The history is always tend to repeat itself, in a grandiose pattern of life.


A conceptual short film written, filmed and directed by Artur Weber featuring Aaron Bannie.